Saturday, June 25, 2011

First Bouquet

Today we are enjoying our first bouquet of the season.  It's the first because I just couldn't bear to cut our gorgeous tulips when they were blooming.  These are some of the first lilacs and lupins, and they smell wonderful.  Our landscape is full of trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals, providing an everchanging show throughout the season.

I don't try to be like a real floral arranger, just bring in some of the bounty for us to enjoy.

We have a small family of doves on our yard this year, and we're enjoying them a lot.  These are "mourning doves" so they have just one song to sing.  They repeat over and over: "Coooo--coooo,---coo,coo"  Two long drawn out syllables and then two short ones.  Sometimes the call is preceded by a quick little, two-note "coo" on an upward minor third.  I don't know about other types of doves.  These are the two young ones we've seen around.  And now I know why doves are a symbol of peace: they are so calm.  I took this photo from about 16 feet away.  If I approach too close for comfort, they just get up and walk away.  Such a contrast with the screechy blackbirds!

One summer afternoon a few years ago Jim and I were sitting in the shade of the backdoor patio and a rock dove, or domestic pigeon, came walking up the gravel  driveway.  It ignored us as we sat quietly watching it walk here and there and finally flew off.  It was a treat to see that beautiful bird.  Too bad I didn't have my camera in hand.

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