Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and relatives! Don't eat too much!!

Do you remember when the stores put up their Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving? Now it's called "Black Friday" because people are out in droves snapping up bargain Christmas presents, and it's (supposedly) the day that stores' bottom lines reach a healthy black balance. Some of my Canadian friends are down in Montana today shopping for bargains.

We are finally out of the deep freeze!!! The thermometer stood at -10ยบ this morning. It felt positively mild! On Tuesday Alberta was the coldest place on earth, except for the South Pole, which beat us for the record by one measly degree. I was at the town quilting club when Jim told me that, so we all had a good laugh.

But today we were able to go for a walk, finally. I didn't do the hill hike, because Jim was walking into town to the library, so I went that direction with him. Ten pounds in the backpack is no problem. I forget it's there. So when I got home I tried out twenty pounds in the backpack. It's perfectly doable--the question is how far I could go. That's what I intend to find out in the next few weeks. Hope the good weather holds!

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