Sunday, November 14, 2010

All the Way Home

It was so too bad that the battery on my camera was dead while we were at Trudy and Irv's. I would have loved to have a picture of us together. She did get out her camera as Jim and I were leaving, and I hope to have a copy of that picture some day.

We got as far as Fargo, North Dakota that afternoon, and checked into a motel, had some dinner at a Perkins Family Restaurant. We've found them quite reliably good. We both had the pot roast dinner, which was tender and delicious.

There was a good hard frost overnight, with a clear sky and sunny morning. We drove west on I94 as far as Jamestown, and then north on 52 to the Saskatchewan border. The farther north we drove, the more snow we saw.

Coming into Saskatchewan on this road, Hwy 39, is disturbing because the landscape has been all dug up for several kilometres and not restored. It's been this way for years, due to the mining activities here, and it is a shame on the province that it hasn't been restored. If this were your introduction to Canada you would say, they certainly don't take care of the earth!

By the time we came to Weyburn it was dark and we were ready to get off the road. Found a nice room in a Travelodge that had a hot breakfast at the restaurant included.

We were on the road again quite early, before 8 a.m., contending with heavy fog. For hours Jim drove carefully through the fog. It wasn't a pleasant experience. Finally, about 11:30, west of Kenaston, the fog lifted and the day grew bright with blue sky and white, snow covered fields. All the shrubs and trees were made beautiful with hoar frost.

In Rosetown Jim found a Globe and Mail from Thursday and a new Time magazine, so I took over the driving while he relaxed and read.

West of Rosetown there was no snow on the fields, just a real fall scene with dry fields and leafless trees. Twice we were so fortunate to have a really long, wide load turn off the road ahead of us, just as we got near. You know how hard it is to pass one of them on a two lane road? I was really glad I didn't have to try.

We reached our home town about 4 p.m. Alberta time, 5 p.m. from the time we started this morning, and stopped at the grocery store before going home.

The sun was shining its late afternoon gold on our home as we drove up, thankful for a wonderful holiday, and very thankful for a safe return!

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