Monday, April 26, 2010


We do get lots of heavy wind here in Alberta. Last week we had some pretty horrendous days of wind. It was so bad that it tore a piece of metal fascia off the peak of our workshop. I found a piece behind the workshop when I was cleaning up. But this morning when M and I were walking I came across this almost three foot long piece of our fascia near the side of the road 3/4 mile north of our place. That's why you don't go for a walk when the wind is roaring around. You might get hit by a stray piece of a building!

A few years ago we saw some of the polycarbon panels of our little 8' x 10' greenhouse fly off in the wind. I went running after them, losing one of my clogs as I went. I kept going through the mud in my white socks. I caught some of the panels. One of them sliced through the outer layer of plastic on the #2 greenhouse and lodged between the layers. And a few weeks later our neighbor L. found a panel in a field over a mile east of our place.

We didn't have much sun on Saturday or
Sunday, but I managed to snap this pic of
the pattern created by seeding in the field
across the road. The difference in colour is totally due to the difference in direction of planting. It creates a pleasing pattern. In a few weeks when the peas are up the colour difference will disappear, and the field will be a uniform green (we hope).

The weather forecast is for possibility of showers tomorrow evening, with perhaps two days of actual rain following that. It would be such a blessing!

In the meantime, I need to get out to the greenhouse and get the corn planted in 4" pots. Our growing season is quite short, so I start the corn plants in the greenhouse and transplant them to the garden beds when they are about 12" to 18" tall. That way I can pick the first ripe ears early in August, and enjoy fresh corn on the cob during the summer. Corn has always been my favorite vegetable, and there's no corn like the corn you pick, take in the house, and throw into the boiling water for 1 minute, and then serve with butter. Nothing like it!

I should have welcomed Evelyn and Suzanne last week. They just happened to sign up as followers on my 100th blog post! So Suzanne, if you send me your mailing address, I will send you something quilted! Evelyn is not being left out: she received a table topper last August already.

And Sandy, you've been faithfully following for a long time. Can you email me your mailing address also? Some little quilted thing will be in the mail for you, too!

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