Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Garden View

This morning we woke to find this view of our raised garden beds. We've been hoping for a good soaking from snow or rain, and we're very happy with this. It was only -3C this morning, which is much warmer than recent mornings, and now we're up to about +6C (about 43F) and the sun is shining. All that lovely snow is melting and seeping into the dry soil.

In February we had an unusual amount of foggy weather. According to old farm wisdom, a foggy day means rain on that date three months later. We do hope that proves to be true. But first, let the farmers get their seeding done, and then let the rain bless the crops.

I've been keeping a garden journal since 2003, and on this date I notice that 4 of the 8 years since then we've had snow on this date. Statistically the majority of our yearly snowfall occurs in March. But I've seen snow here in July, and heard that it's possible any month of the year.

Of course, when we get snow out of season it doesn't last long. Just hope there wasn't too much damage to trees and shrubs from this heavy spring snow. To prevent that damage, Jim went around this morning shaking the snow off our trees and shrubs.


  1. Wow. That's serious snow! I'm guessing since you're happy about it, you haven't planted seeds yet?

  2. No seeds planted here either:(
    Cold rain and snow that disappears later in the morning is what is happening here. Tomorrow promises to be sunny. I am so out in the garden!
    When we got home from sunny Africa we had warm sunny weather here for a week. Then back to reality in VT. Gardeners dig the dirt :)