Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eight Tires!

I made an error in describing L.'s BIG tractor: I said it had four tires, and it really has EIGHT, four on each side. The tires are set in pairs on the axles. You can plainly see in the picture that they are double tires. I knew that, but just said it wrong.

A further bit of information: that tractor can plant so precisely, that L. is planting his rows IN BETWEEN last year's rows. The field will look the same, but the plants will be growing in soil that was between the rows last year. Talk about precision planting!

I've noticed something interesting about birds and wind this spring. These five blackbirds were sitting in the birch tree, all facing into the wind, almost "riding" it, fluttering up and down, even once in a while having to flap their wings to maintain their perch. But all five, symmetrically arranged in a graceful pattern, beaks pointed toward the wind. Are they playing with it? enjoying the feeling? Even the ducks and geese, as heavy as they are, can glide on these strong gusts. Can you imagine the world from a bird's point of view, looking at it so vertically? Almost makes me dizzy to think of it.

For a while I dreamed flying dreams. They were FUN!!! Haven't had any for a long, long time. I think they were an accompaniment to hormonal changes!

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