Saturday, January 30, 2010

Plant Progress

A few posts ago I showed you the blooms on our Amaryllis. The second bulb has bloomed this week, with a magnificent show of eight blooms, four on each stem. But threatening to outdo that is the opening of the third bulb, which is flourishing a total of SIX blooms on one stem, with another stem still to open.

This snap of the six blooms is a more accurate picture of the lovely pinks of these blooms.

Meanwhile, remember the last picture of the hibiscus, all cut down to some dry-looking, 3" high twigs? Well, hibiscus took a little rest, and then started sending out new sprouts. It's now covered with green leaves and well on its way to the next round of blooms.

These beauties and the indoor containers of spinach and lettuce keep us in touch with growing things throughout the long, cold Canadian winter!

1 comment:

  1. Got home recently from a trip and found that my staghorn ferns missed me terribly :(.
    I am trying to make them feel loved again.
    I always buy amaryllis bulbs in early fall. This year 2 out of 3 bloomed in time for Christmas! A record for me. Two summers ago I found 2 bulbs sprouting in the dark of the storage room. Gently introducing them to light, turned their pale yellow leaves to green and they bloomed on the proch in the middle of August! Such a treat.