Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's celebrations

Last night we enjoyed a gathering at L and M's home across the road: good friends, good eats, good fellowship. We walked home in brilliant moonlight, thoroughly bundled up against the -30 cold, but enjoying the pristine winter landscape until we turned into our driveway and came up against the bitter east wind. Then we were glad to reach the backdoor and come into the warmth of home.

This morning a huge nacreous moon hung in the western sky, while at the same time the sun rose in the south east with the most spectacular sun dogs I've ever seen. By noon the clouds had moved in and we're back to a dim, cold day. I swept off the back step and patio, and was fine until I left the protection the lee of the house gave and felt that east wind. Then even a winter jacket, ski pants, hat and thick gloves couldn't protect me. After just 15 minutes my fingers were icy, and it was time to retreat to the fireplace and pick up my knitting again.

Jim made several new year phone calls to our kids, relatives and friends, and then I spent a wonderful hour visiting on the phone with a dear friend from high school days. She was my maid of honour when we married, and we've always kept in touch, and managed to visit each other several times, though we live two thousand miles apart.

A lot of our winter has been much colder than average, about 10 degrees lower than usual. But last Sunday was a beautiful day, with the temperature nearing zero, and absolutely no wind. Jim and I went cross country skiing nearby for about two hours.
It was a big treat to get out and get some exercise. I also snapped a few nice pictures
of the winter scene.

We've had a lot of hoar frost this winter, and
not that much wind last week. It all makes
for beauty, especially when the sun is out.

Here's the "sentinel" at the end of the
driveway, looking splendid in white.

So we have a good beginning to this new year. We look forward to much this year, including our 45th Wedding Anniversary. We hope to have all the children and grandchildren gathered together on Thanksgiving Day to celebrate together.

Best wishes for a blessed new year to you!

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  1. Happy New Year!
    Beautiful pics.
    We had a beautiful Christmas morning. Incredible valley fog left a few "islands"
    before us. The trees covered in ice and snow abound. Early sun defining every mountain curve.