Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Hats

After finishing the first hat last week I decided it wasn't what was needed. Colours just aren't going to look good with a purplish blue jacket. I had yarn remaining from the second waistcoat I made for the granddaughters which was quite a pretty, deep (purplish?) blue, so I got some off white to go with it and started hat #2. Because these hats are knit on a circular needle, you need to get all the way up to the crown before you can try one on for size. This was going to be hat #2. Very pretty! Nice colours!! But TOO SMALL!!! It's quite snug on my head, and I'm sure Dear Son #1 has a bigger head than I do. So I'm calling this hat #1 1/2. I took it off the needles, and I'll finish it up later.

So late Monday morning I ran into town and picked up some more yarn to go with that nice deep blue. I wanted a variegated blue, but didn't like what was there. Instead I came home with a pretty wild variegated yarn with "Southwestern" colours. And started right in on hat #2 1/2 that afternoon. Did some knitting on it yesterday. But the entire top of the hat I knit this morning before daylight.

One thing I just can't do is lie quietly in bed trying to go to sleep. When I am wakeful during the night, I just get up and do something: read, knit, cut out quilt blocks, work crossword puzzles. Last night I woke up at 2:45 a.m. and that was it for me. Fortunately I had this fascinating knitting project in the living room.

I just love these hats. They are enough of a challenge, knit in a two-handed fair isle with a reasonably complicated pattern, on a smallish (16"long) circular needle. They are small enough to finish in a short time, and inspiring enough that each one suggests the next one.

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  1. I love the hats! And you inspired today's question. Thank you! : )