Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Small World

Well, our big holiday Monday was a bust!  We sold less than 10% of the amount we sold last year on that holiday.  Fortunately, it's not a holiday like Halloween, when all the orange and black candies and the costumes are finished for a whole year.  We will still be able to sell our stock, just as soon as the good weather arrives.  It's been promised for this coming weekend.

But the cold, dark day was enlivened by unexpected company.  I knew Kathy when we were kids.  We went to the same school and the same church.  Her family lived about 5 blocks from our place. But that was in Michigan, not Alberta.  In the 70's I went to a Ladies' Rally at a church in Lethbridge, and there was Kathy.  We said to each other, "What are you doing here?"  Then we lost track of each other again, until about three years ago, when we ran into each other in High River.  It's good to catch up on old times, so I was happy to see Kathy and her husband Cal when they stopped by yesterday for tea on their way home.  I was especially happy to see 
that she's doing quite well now, because last December she almost died, due to being given the wrong blood thinner.  She was completely out of it for two weeks, spent a long time in Intensive Care, and almost three months in the hospital.  She's looking good now!

We got to talking about unexpected meetings, or relationships uncovered.  One of the most unusual instances of that in my life happened when we moved to Regina.  The pastor of the Indian and Metis Fellowship invited us over and his wife and I got to playing the game of trying to place each other.  (Our nickname for this game is "Dutch Bingo".)  She asked my maiden name, but that rang no bells with her.  But when she told me her maiden name, I said, That was my grandmother's maiden name!  We discovered that her grandfather and my grandmother were brother and sister, and that was in the 1800's in the Netherlands.  Small world indeed!

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