Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day Treat

On Mother's Day I was treated to phone calls from our two daughters, and younger son.  Our older son had phoned half a week earlier.  It's too bad that all our kids live far away from us; the nearest is an eight hour drive from here.  But I'm very thankful for generous phone plans and email, with pictures.  In fact, as I mentioned earlier, we had a nice visit with our B.C. son via Skype some time ago. 

When our children were growing up, long distance phone calls were expensive and reserved for really serious occasions--an announcement to our parents that we'd had a baby, or a call from them that my brother had died following heart surgery.  Those long distance phone calls even had a different sound.  When you picked up the phone you heard the kind of static that told you it was long distance calling. 
Of course, we didn't have a 
computer or email then either, so I tried to
send snapshot duplicates quite often.  Those
were the days we used an Instamatic
camera to grab quick shot of something cute
going on.  Like the morning the two youngest got into my underwear draw and found a unique use for panties, like a neck scarf?

Or the time #1 daughter came home from Southern Alberta Summer Games with a gold medal in high jump. Lovely memories to have. And oodles of others for me to call to mind on Mother's Day.

But life goes on, children grow up and move away.  Grandchildren arrive and they begin to grow up.  Our oldest grandchild is now completing his third year of studies at York University in Toronto, and doing marvelously well there.  We're so proud of him. The youngest grandchild will begin Kindergarten this fall.  

It shocks me that life goes by so quickly.  I suppose that's a cliche, but it's a cliche because it's true.  I loved the time of having babies and children.  But I wasn't one of those moms who is lost because her children leave home.  There are always tons of interesting things to do.  

So here's to LIFE, and especially to Mothers, Fathers, Children and Grandchildren.

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