Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Fun F.O.

Last week I decided I'd like to try something fun and original, and today I finished this little (19" x 22") wall hanging. 

 I'm calling it "Green Dreams #2" because last year I made "Green Dreams #1" as a present for
 son #1.  "Green Dreams #1" was made at a quilting class at a nearby Quilting Store and was
 just my interpretation of the technique that was being taught, so it doesn't count as an original.

Here's a closeup of some of the quilting on #2:

This time I was trying to be quite creative, and make an impression of a tropical garden.  

A few years ago I made a wall hanging using whatever flannel scraps I had.  I cut them into strips, as wide as the scrap would allow, and then sewed them into 6" blocks.  Some blocks had 9 squares, some had 12, and some had 36.  When I started to assemble them I realized the quilt needed to be "cooled down" with an inner border.  And once the borders were on, I saw they needed some decorative quilting.  Here's the result.  I thought it was a lot of fun to see how the block sizes changed, but somehow all fit together:


  1. I like your Green Dreams a lot. What a fun looking technique. I rarely make a pattern more than once. There are so many I want to try. But I am sure you learn something new every time you do it.

  2. The technique for Green Dreams #2 is one I kind of made up. I draw out the design on a double layer of freezer paper, ironed to each other. I cut it out along the design lines, and place it upside down on the wrong side of the material. I trace the edge with a Pigma pen permanent marker (.05) and add a line 1/4" from that. I cut on the 1/4" line, and place the adjoining sections right sides together and stitch on the traced edge line.

    You have to kind of "squiggle" the curves, but it usually works out pretty well.

    The "flowers" were made with two layers, right sides stitched together, all the way round. Make a slit in the back side, and turn the shape right side out. Press and stitch into place.


  3. Green Dreams #1 was made at a quilting class. The techinique was this: place two layers of fabric on top of each other. Slice both layers this way and that. Switch the layers with each other to create two complete pictures. Stitch together with very narrow seams.