Saturday, March 10, 2018


The first of the "retrieved" projects, found during the closet cleaning:
A single bed quilt top, layered and quilted.  Nice and bright.  I think this quilt top was made to send to Fort McMurray when they had that fire two years ago, but just didn't get finished on time to be included.  It has found a home brightening the futon in the solar space--extra sleeping room for grandkids when they come to visit.  

The pair of socks here were started last March as a demonstration of how two only slighted related balls of yarn can make a nice pair of socks.  They're pretty small, but they might fit our youngest granddaughter.  We'll see when she comes to visit this summer.

The bigger sock in the foreground is for the Dear One.  Didn't have two complete balls of yarn, needed for socks in his size, so I used a different yarn for the toe and the ribbing.  Turned out fairly nice.  This coming week I'll start on a pair promised to a friend and after that there's another pair in the line up for another friend.  Then I'll get back to making the second sock of the pair for the Dear One.

I've posted before about this very nifty way of keeping a binding under control when sewing it onto a quilt.  Make a roll and slip it under one of the feet supporting your sewing table.  Works like a charm!
Unfortunately when I trimmed the ends to sew them together I made a mistake and cut both ends in the same direction.  OOPS!  How to fix that, because then you don't have the material you need to seam them together.  

I picked out the stitching to the last seam between lengths of binding.  Cut another length and started it in place of the piece cut too short.  This time I got it right, and the quilt is finished.  It's the Turning Twenty pictured above.  Now to finish the Jacob's Ladder blocks, get them sewed together, layered and quilted.  Hope to do that this week.

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