Saturday, February 3, 2018


The shawl was finished yesterday about 2 p.m. and was immediately given away.  It went to my friend Marcy who has had some health struggles lately.  When I started knitting it I thought it was for me, but by the time it was halfway finished I knew it was meant for Marcy.  I forgot to get a picture of the finished shawl before I gave it away.  It looked much the same as before, but just longer.  I bought a beautiful, big red button for it and thought it looked just smashing.  I already have the yarn to make another one.  That will make a good project for the long drive back to Alberta.

We have reached our last week here.  The time seemed to go by so quickly.  Partly because I was quite sick for some weeks there in December, and it took a long time to get back to my usual self.  Also, we had quite a few visitors this year.  In fact, my little sewing room was packed up in a corner of the closet since the first week of December, so there was very little sewing accomplished.  I had cut out squares to make a Disappearing Four Patch quilt to donate here but never sewed even one seam for that quilt.  The squares will go home-home again with me, and hopefully I will get that done this summer.  (A friend on mine distinguishes between her home here and her home in Portland, OR by calling the home here "home" and the home in Portland "home-home."  That works!)

What did really work well for me this year was my time on the wonderful pipe organ at church.  I had 6 hours a week on the organ this year, and that was a great joy!  I was privileged to play three pieces in the "Organ Marathon" and then this past Sunday Gloria and I played a piano/organ duet on "Our Father" by J.S. Bach for the morning offertory.  That was a good experience and I had several very nice comments on it.  Practicing regularly makes such a difference!  So that was one of my highlights of this winter, although I was unable to get to the organ for about five weeks due to the flu and the time needed to recuperate.

I also very much enjoyed playing in the Sun Cities Chamber Orchestra again this year.  Our viola section has become a group of friends; we even went out for lunch once day with four of the six of us.  One of our members is getting too old to drive so he was not able to come along, as his ride needed to go straight home.  I also enjoyed playing in the cantata for the Bellevue Heights Baptist Church.

So here we are up to our last week.  I need to clean and pack and make final arrangements for change of address, etc.  We leave on Friday morning for the three day drive (depending on the weather) and on Friday afternoon our renter comes in.  We've never met him, but he's a good tenant and always takes good care of the place.

There probably won't be much news this coming week, as it is just a matter of tying up ends and leaving everything in good order.  If anything remotely interesting happens on the road home I'll post it.  In the meantime, have a good weekend and a productive week!

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