Thursday, February 15, 2018


I kind of stumbled into a big job today.  It began with sorting a few fabrics for another quilt.  I didn't get much sewing done in AZ this year and am eager to do some in the next two months before we get busy in the Garden Centre.  So I was digging through my stash and got kind of carried away.  It turned into a complete clean out of the sewing room closet.  This first picture is looking toward the mostly empty closet.  Some of the mess is ranged around the floor.  The container with the white/black fabric and the red fabric is one sorted bin.  It will have the larger pieces of material, bigger than a fat quarter but not as big as a piece of backing.
The second picture looks in the opposite direction.  These boxes and bins have the scraps of fabric big enough to make blocks.  The fabric is (mostly) sorted by colour, a box of reds, a box of blues, etc.  I did a lot of that sorting, ironing, folding and putting away of this size scrap today.

Then I hauled out all the boxes that were on the floor of the closet.  They contained mostly fabric for sewing clothing.  Some of this was bought more than 20 years ago.  For instance, there's a very nice red/white/blue linen plaid that was intended for a blazer and just never happened.  These two boxes and two containers are filled with those fabrics and will be donated to the local second-hand shop.

Last fall I wrote about the huge donation of fabric that came into the sewing room in our village in AZ.  Joan and I spent a LOT of time sorting through all that.  Remembering how much work that was inspired me to get at it now and not leave it for our kids to do after I'm gone.  Plus, I love having things clean and organized. 

There's more to do yet in terms of sorting through each of the boxes and getting rid of fabrics that won't be used.  But the major part of this BIG JOB is now done!

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