Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Yes, this is a jacket from a VERY interesting pattern:

We're making the light beige version on the right.  Marcy picked a very appropriate fabric, a charcoal knit with a fair bit of "body."  She has the nifty button and frog for it.  We still need to sew in the sleeves and turn the huge collar inside to make it a facing.  I think it will be very stylish and very comfortable.  In fact I like the pattern so well I bought a copy for myself.  

We are both puzzled that it's labelled "EASY stitch 'n save" as this pattern is NOT easy at all.  I have about 65 years of experience in sewing clothing, but I have to read the pattern carefully to figure out what goes where.  Marcy is gone on a Caribbean cruise right now, so there's no progress being made at the moment.

I had a dear friend since High School/College days visiting the last 10 days, and thus didn't have time to sew anyway.  This Thursday Dear Son #1 will arrive for a visit.  December looks to be as busy as Decembers usually are!

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