Tuesday, June 20, 2017


This past weekend I did finish the machine quilting.  Part of that was picking out the first two seams, the longest diagonals, because they didn't "rhyme" with the design of the quilt.  That little job took 2 hours, but was a pleasant way to spend time in the solar space with the Dear One.

Here's a close up of the wavy-line design:

This was actually quite easy and a bit of fun to do.  I used the built-in walking foot on my Janome 7700, and it went smoothly.  I wasn't at all fussy about how the lines waved, but just tried to stay about one square away from the coloured fabrics.  I did aim to go right through the intersections between the four-square parts and the one square next to them.

Here's a look at more of the quilt:

 Today I will apply the binding to the edges.  I had planned to add 2" borders, but that would make this quilt too long.  Their dog lies underneath their bed and will chew on anything that hangs down onto the floor.  As part of preventing that, I cut the corners off the bottom edge of the quilt.  That gave a pang or two!  To actually cut off something that had been carefully sewn there.

You can always click on the picture to make it bigger.  You'll see more detail that way.

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