Monday, June 5, 2017


Today I learned that the tornado in Friday's post was NOT about 5 miles away, it was about ONE MILE north of us.  So much for my ability to estimate distance!  We're really thankful that it didn't hit our place as our greenhouses would have perished along with whatever plants we have left to sell.

Because our house is built into a berm, we could be quite safe downstairs where the outside wall is actually under ground level.  The front of downstairs is level with the ground, and the back of upstairs is level with the ground.  So we'd just need to go into the downstairs bathroom and we'd be quite protected.

Still. . . .

Tomorrow I'm heading out to B.C. to join DS #2's family for their oldest girl's high school graduation.  This should be a very interesting visit; and it also includes a night out at Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.  What's not to like!

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