Thursday, September 1, 2016


Yesterday I gave myself permission to "take a day off"--except for cooking, dishes, etc.  Instead I started a new knitting project.  I had received a free pattern for a cowl and was itching to try it.

From the stash I chose a beautiful variegated blue/green/purple yarn that I had bought a year ago just because it was so lovely.  I cast on 156 sts. using both ends of the ball of yarn.  With a long, long piece of yarn for the "tail" you can cast on a huge amount of stitches and for large amounts that's far easier than trying to guess how long a tail is needed.  I put yarn stitch markers at every 24 stitches to keep track of where in the pattern I was.  The pattern was given as a chart and knitted in the round.

One of the nice things about this pattern is that the number of stitches is reduced by 13 every eight rows so as you knit you progress faster and faster.  What fun!

At the end of the day I had a completed cowl.  But it was very curled up!  Both the beginning and the end tried to meet at the middle.  The rest was a nice, puffy cable-patterned cowl.  Even though I knew better I heated the steam iron and steam-ironed the cowl flat.  The yarn was acrylic and I knew what would happen so I have no one to blame but myself for the flat thing that resulted.

It's just 4 inches long.  The picture with the pattern showed a much larger cowl.  And the pattern explained that the first eight rows of the pattern were repeated.  You can source this pattern at  The name of the pattern is "Welter".  The free pattern was a special offer to blog readers.  Her blog is called Violently Domestic.

This cowl will be repeated sometime soon, and probably paired with a hat.  I think the pattern could easily be changed to become a hat pattern.  Start with a good sized ribbing, and then figure out how many repeats of the 12-stitch pattern are needed, and go from there.

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