Monday, September 12, 2016


Today was another day for processing apples.  Shirley picked, together we cleaned and cut up several buckets of apples, and I cooked and "milled" the sauce.  It was a labor-intensive day, occupying me from about 10:30 this morning until 5 this afternoon.  It takes a lot of time and effort to create your own food supply!

But wasn't that worth it!  Oddly enough the total of apple sauce is the same as the last time: 13 quarts and then a bit extra for eating right away.  All these 13 quarts will go into the freezer for now.  The white lids are not sealing lids, but a handy sort of plastic lid to use after you've removed the sealed lids.  I'm not planning to can these jars, just store them in the freezer until we need them.  The four plastic containers are what we usually use for freezing applesauce, etc.

The three rosy pink jars are apple juice.  That's all the juice we got from the Kerr apple/crab this summer.  That's an every other year tree, and this was supposed to be the year for it to produce.  Unfortunately the -7ºC temperature we had while the trees were in bloom got rid of most of the apples from that tree for this year.  The plums all disappeared in that one heavy frost also.

The apples we sauced today were from two trees in a heavily treed area and were somewhat protected from the frost by that amount of growth surrounding them.

The garden is pretty much all finished.  There are still carrots and turnips out there, waiting to be dug and stored for winter.  We do have a frost advisory tonight, so it's becoming urgent to finish digging them also.

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