Sunday, November 15, 2015


Today was a very musical Sunday.  First up was the 10:30 a.m. church service at Lord of Life Lutheran, which we are attending this season.  I'm singing in the Chancel Choir, which I enjoy very much.  We were taking part in that service, singing a very lively anthem "We Shall Rise."  It was a good service.

We came home, had just a bite to eat, because we'd had a big omelet for breakfast and weren't very hungry.  And then we went to an orchestra/choir concert at the Sun Dial.  I belong to the Sun Cities Chamber Orchestra, which is a misnomer as it includes, in addition to a full complement of strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion.

Getting ready to play:  (You can make the pictures bigger by clicking on them.)

I play viola in this group and was sitting next to the cellos.  The fellow on the far right plays the bass viol, which is out of sight to the right.  This is only about 1/5th of the orchestra.

This next photo was taken during the concert.  The Dear One did duty with the camera, but is not familiar with it.  The first and second violin sections are off to the left of the orchestra, but not in view in the picture.

The choir is a women's choir, with whom we gave a concert last year in November.  They are excellent--beautiful tone and blending and good choice of music.  They sang mostly Christmas numbers.

After the concert my friend Mary came up to me with a bouquet of mums.  She lived in Italy for many years and says, that's what they do in Europe.  What a treat!

Mary lives in the same gated village that we do, and she and I are often in the pool together in the afternoon, having a visit and a "touch" of exercise.

What a lovely day!  Concert wise, that is.  The day dawned cloudy and ended with some fairly heavy showers.  We're snuggled at home now in warm clothes with the heat on.  I'm wearing sweats and recently complete warm wool socks.

Hope you had an inspiring Sunday also!

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