Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Our 50th anniversary celebration is coming up this month.  We're looking forward to having a GREAT time with our kids and grandkids.  The two oldest grandkids and our #1 son are not able to come because of work commitments.  However, we had a phone call yesterday and learned that Jim's next older sister is coming!  That makes 12 guests who will be staying with us for the weekend of July 17 to July 19.  Some are coming earlier, some are staying later, but that weekend everyone will be here.

We have a photographer coming on that Saturday afternoon and that evening we will have a catered dinner here at home.  Thanks to the Dear One, I don't have to prepare all that.

For the other meals, I will prepare menus well ahead of time and do as much pre-preparation as possible: baking cakes, buying cookies, stocking up on cold cereal and granola for simple breakfasts, and making a huge pot of chilli and a gallon of potato salad and a gallon of marinated bean salad.  I have wonderful, delicious recipes for these three items and they all are better if made ahead of time.

We are borrowing two travel trailers and some other mattresses to accommodate everyone. The garage will become a bedroom, as well as Jim's study.

As things became more and more complicated, Jim suggested: Maybe you and I should just book into a motel and let everyone else run things here!  I said, Maybe we should just book motel rooms for everyone of the guests and have a quiet time here by ourselves.  Just joking, of course!

But I'm letting you know that you won't be hearing from me during July.  There's enough going on to keep me occupied full time.  Especially, now that his sister is coming I need to put together one more lap quilt, so she's not left out.  Fortunately I have all the blocks made for the 70's looking "Tradewinds."  Right now I am going to start sewing those blocks together, and hope to have the quilt finished by the end of this week.


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