Monday, December 22, 2014


This is surely the time of year for concerts!  I think each weekend there are at least 10 concerts available, both choir and instrumental.  Too many to choose from!

But we did choose to go to a very interesting concert right here in the village on Saturday.  It was listed as "The West Valley Youth Orchestra" and included a beginning section by the Cadet Strings which is the training orchestra for younger children from age 6 right on up through maybe 15 year olds.  The West Valley Youth Orchestra itself was composed of members from maybe 12 years old through to some adults who helped out here and there.

The Cadet Strings were just darling!  There were four cellists, and on the second stand the boy on the left could just touch the floor with his toes and his stand partner was so young and short that his feet just dangled above the floor.  Both boys were serious and played well.  The second stand of first violins also had two young boys, so cute!  Here the arrangement was the same: the boy on the outside could just manage to touch the floor with his toes and his stand partner dangled his feet above the floor.  The boy on the outside tucked his violin under his chin, not on his shoulder but straight ahead on his chest, lowered his chin to his violin and peered up from under his eyebrows at the music.

Perhaps that's not so captivating to someone who is not involved in string music but to me it was just priceless.  I've taught Suzuki violin for several years and conducted little beginning string groups like this.  It really took me back to those days!

For a beginning group they did a fine job.  They paid good attention to their conductor, stayed together in the music and their last chord was a terrific ending to their performance, vigorous and resounding!

The West Valley Youth Orchestra included a pretty full complement of strings (6 first violins, 6 seconds, 3 violas and 4 cellos and a bass) plus winds, brass and percussion.  They playing was of very high quality and a delight to hear.  Among their selections was a group of Christmas carols which the audience was invited to join in singing.  They ended with the all time favourite "Sleigh Ride" by Leroy Anderson.

This group was also featured in a concert on Sunday afternoon, sharing the billing with the professional West Valley Symphony Orchestra.  We attended a concert by that orchestra last year and really enjoyed it.  They perform just a mile away from the front gate of our village on selected Sunday afternoons about once a month making it a very doable thing for us.  But we passed up on this particular concert since we had been quite busy this past week.

On another note: welcome to blog to the new follower: my cousin Marcia!  You are all free to leave comments, and that's set up so it can be done by anyone.  I like to hear from you! 

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