Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It Works

Yesterday I had time to use the new Bissell Rug Cleaner that I bought at the Swap Meet on Saturday.  I'm happy to say that it works, and works well.

I had bought some Folex Rug Cleaner the day before at Home Depot and used that in the tank.  I pretreated some of the worst areas, and they were BAD!!!, with a spray bottle of Folex and then cleaned the carpet with the Bissell Power Steamer.  There's a big, satisfying improvement in how clean the carpet appears.  I went over it twice, and afterwards it was not very wet.  I did let it dry overnight, even though it seemed quite dry by the time we went to bed.

It's only the dining area that is finished.  Some other day I will need to do the rest of the living/dining area.  Then on to the bedrooms.  The Power Steamer has proved to be a good investment.

In the evening we went to the "Welcome Back Spaghetti Dinner" that was put on the Sun Village Board.  The food was good, but was it ever noisy there!  We didn't linger once we had finished our meal.

This morning I went to the orchestra rehearsal, and we had a good one.  Got lots of work done on the music for the upcoming concert on November 16.  We will share the program with a women's chorus, sometimes playing the accompaniment for them.  We will also perform the first movement of Greig's Piano Concerto with a soloist.  There will also be some patriotic music, related to Nov. 11, Veterans' Day, or Remembrance Day.

This afternoon we went to the pool at 3 to swim and relax on lounge chairs in the sun.  I had made just one circuit of the pool when an employee came by and announced that he had to close the whole area because the pool pump had failed.

This photo shows just half of the pool.  There's another part around to the right.

That was a disappointment.  It's a very nice place to spend an afternoon.

When we got home I dragged one of our dining chairs onto our patio to read out there.  Because our unit faces north we don't get any direct sun.  That's nice in a way because it keeps our condo cooler on
a hot day, but it also means that our patio is always in the shade.

It was warm enough to sit out there reading my latest library book, and here's the view from my chair.  Lovely, isn't it?

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