Sunday, July 28, 2013

Funny Corn

Or maybe I should call this "sad corn."  We like to grow a variety of bicolour corn called "Vitality."  It's got a short growing season, tends to have rather sparse looking plants (good for raised beds), and about three ears clustered near the ground.

This year Jim started it in the greenhouse in February, which was really too early.  Then the weather in June was cold, dark and rainy.  I think that there were too few bees around when it needed to be pollinated.

The ears look ridiculous, but the kernels are fine, sweet and juicy.

This picture taken looking west from the balcony and is a good illustration of our persistent weather pattern this summer.  Earlier in the day we had the blue sky and puffy white clouds that you see at the top of the photo.  Jim and I went for a walk to town and back (2 1/2 miles).  The last hour the dark clouds formed and started marching across the sky.  Right now they are over us and even extending to the east.  This has been happening on an almost daily basis here this summer.

The last two nights we were thankful that we weren't awakened by loud claps of thunder.  Hope whatever this cloud system is bringing is finished by bedtime!

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