Saturday, June 2, 2012

Not Sure About This

I finished the first of the "Double Heelix" socks yesterday.  But I'm not sure I want to keep it.

See where the knitting needle goes through the toe? It show how much too long the sock is.  That's my fault.  I had been knitting furiously along on the foot part and realized it was too long.  After taking out 10 rounds, I knit the toe part--with stripes like the heel.  That wasn't in the pattern.  I like the stripes on the toe, but it is definitely too long.  That could be fixed by unraveling several rows and reknitting--a not impossible task.

The pattern called for only 12 rows of ribbing on the cuff.  I knitted 40 rows of ribbing, but it still feels too short.

So now I have to decide: do I unravel the toe and reknit, and then add rows to the ribbing until I'm happy with it, or do I just take it all out and revert to a more traditional toe up sock?

By the way, there's a very interesting video on YouTube by Cat Bordhi (among others she's posted) about Jeny Staiman's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off.  I used it on the bind off, and it's just great for socks.  If you're a sock knitter, go check it out.

Also on where you can find the "Double Heelix" sock pattern, there is a video available by Jeny (the designer) showing exactly how to start the spiral of the heel.  A little tricky to catch on to.  Well, for me, anyway.  I had to watch it many times before I could actually knit the heel.  But it was invaluable help in figuring out the pattern.


  1. Love the stripes! Sounds like a lot of work to shorten but I'm sure it would be worth it :)

  2. For now I've put it aside. I will probably go back and redo what needs to be fixed. In the meantime, I've started and almost finished another sock. First of a pair, presumably! I will most likely blog that tomorrow.

    Thanks for the encouragement!