Friday, June 22, 2012

Home Again and Bye-Bye

I had an excellent visit in Ontario with Dear Daughter #1 and her daughter, celebrating our granddaughter's graduation from Brock University with a four year nursing degree, Honours, with first class standing.  One interesting and strange thing about the graduation was the chancellor's speech.  After a few sentences, I remarked to DD#1, "He had too many bloody Marys for breakfast!"  He seemed to wander through his remarks, at one point referring to Einstein as "you know, that relativity guy!"  Another time he lost his place and had to hunt for it, but the most remarkable thing was this sentence: "The secret to creativity is, 'Hide your sources!'"  DD#1 and I just gaped at each other.  Did we really hear that?

Another unusual experience was being confined to the plane for 65 minutes after we landed at Hamilton airport.  There was a storm with lightning in the area, and because Hamilton does not have jetways, but instead a large, metal ramp that they slide up to the plane, there is a rule that no one is allowed on that ramp if there is any lightning within 5 miles.  This was NOT a fast-moving storm, so we all patiently waited until it had moved off.  What was remarkable about that experience was also that nobody complained.  We all just waited quietly until the all clear came.  I guess most of us thought this was a well-justified precaution.

DD#1 and DG#1 and I had lots of fun going out for meals, eating in (DD#1 is an excellent cook), and going shopping together.  DG#1 was looking for a new dress to wear to her cousin's wedding on Saturday.  DD#1 and I just happened to find some nice things also.  Then we went to Boston Pizza for a relaxed supper.  That was the night Wallenda walked across the falls.  We stayed away, and later watched it on tv.

I got home last Saturday evening, and the Dear One was glad! to see me.  We had a relaxed Sunday and then on Monday evening had our annual Employee's Barbecue.  Because the weather was so stormy we ate indoors.  That's actually easier to set up than hauling everything out to the deck.  The biggest hit of the meal were the tiny loaves of bread that I made instead of serving dinner buns.  We had a good time all together.

Tuesday I did oodles of laundry, catching up on almost two weeks from the last laundry day.

Wednesday I started "spring cleaning" the living room (on the first day of summer).  Didn't get too far but did get all the couch and loveseat cushions washed, hung out to dry, ironed and replaced.  The hardest part is stuffing the cushions back into the covers!  Washed the curtains, too, and one wall.  Well, the rest will keep until I get back to it.

Today I'm off again, this time to King's Fold, a beautiful retreat centre west of Cochrane.  Dear friends of mine are the director and his family.  I'm excited to see them again, as it's been a whole year since we visited.  And I'm really looking forward to a challenge and an art project.  I'm hoping to do a little composing on my laptop music program.  If not, it will be a watercolour project.  We'll see

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