Thursday, December 9, 2010

Time Out

I've had an unintentional time out for the past week, due to a very sore throat, and other symptoms, runny nose, coughs, stuffed up head, etc. Not a pretty picture.

When I got home from the rural quilting group last Thursday there were two boxes of fabric samples for me to dive through. It's always so much fun when my friend leaves a gift of samples. I sort them into piles according to colour and theme. There were even some fleece squares in there. I save out what appeals to me, what I think I can use, and then pass the rest on to one of the two groups I quilt with. So the past week, in between sniffles and coughs and sneezes, I was taking fabric samples off the cardboard headers and organizing them into washing loads. There were three or four loads, I think it was four. Then into the dryer, and then carefully laid flat while still damp, awaiting ironing. Final step: all sorted by colour and theme, and grouped into projects. Some of them just put into the proper colour bin for a resource. Right now my sewing room floor is just about invisible, covered by stacks of fabric. Tomorrow I should be able to get them all organized into the proper bins and boxes, and stashed away in the closet again.

That's about all the got done this past week, other than the necessary: meals, a little cleaning now and then, and the laundry. But I did read four books. Now I feel totally unexercised and eager to get back at my hill hikes and weight lifting. Probably will feel like starting all over!

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