Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mittens, Mittens, Mittens & More...

How can two pair of mittens take that long to make? Well, one reason is that instead of just four mittens, I knitted seven mittens to get the two pair. Now why would I do that? See that first mitten on the left? That's the original. But when it was complete, even with the embroidery, I decided it was too big. So then I knit the two mittens on the right, the darker grey ones. They looked better to me.

When that pair was ready, without the embroidery , I started on the second pair, the lighter grey ones. I finished both of those mitts and even embroidered both. But I wasn't happy with them--they seemed too big, so I took them all the way apart and knitted them over. The first one finished in the smaller size is on the left here. Much better! So the one on the right was also completely disassembled, and reknit to match the one of the left.

I wasn't happy with the diamond design so
I took that apart, stitch by stitch, and designed a floral decoration. Did the darker mittens first, and wanted something different for the second pair, the lighter grey mittens. So, another floral design.

I just now finished that embroidery. You know what? I'm not really happy with it. It's not graceful enough. Am I going to pick it out and redo it?

I think I'll go make some cranberry vinaigrette for today's salad: spinach, onions, dried cranberries and sliced almonds.


  1. They look great to me!! Wish I could do that.
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. these are certainly beautiful mittens ... if that happens again where the sizes are off, please call and I would gladly purchase these from you ... my girls (the adult children) love mittens and use them when they are driving, or walking from vehicle to mall, or whatever. The heavier mitts they use for walking, etc. Hope the new year is wonderful to you my friend.

    BTW do you have a toque pattern for an xxl head using fleece ---- two pieces one colour on the top, and the other as the cuff edge around the ears.

  3. was able to look at a larger version of the mitts and noticed your quilt is certainly looking FANTASTIC nice colour choices