Thursday, July 29, 2010


I'm working on the machine quilting and binding of three quilt tops that I made since March. Sometimes it's just good to finish a few projects; helps with the crowding in the sewing room.

Yesterday while I was quilting the border of a scrappy
"Turning Twenty" I looked up from my sewing machine and this is what I saw: my dear sweetie carefully maneuvering our very tallest ladder up against the very tall spruce at the front of the yard. This is one of those "Little Giant" ladders, so it's hinged in the middle, with a spread at either end.

I couldn't look, and I couldn't not look! So I grabbed the camera and went out on the balcony to record the process.

Every year he and S. trim the spruce trees on the yard. S. trims the bottom half as far up as she is comfortable, and then Jim finishes the job by trimming the tops. But most of the trees he trims are hidden from view, so I can kind of ignore what's going on.

One comforting fact was the great care he took in
placing the ladder. Also that the side pieces splay out as much at the bottom as you can see at the top. It's a heavy ladder so it's pretty stable.

But Jim! Don't reach too far!!!

This tree is getting too tall! There's no way to reach the very top, except to rent a "cherry picker," the bucket on an arm that the linemen use on the phone and electric lines.

All's well that ends well. He soon was at the back door, well sweated up, declaring that it was time for his favorite summer treat: an orange ice cream soda. Which, of course, I was delighted to make for him

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