Monday, July 12, 2010

After the Storm

We seem to be stuck in a weather pattern: the mornings are sunny and the day warms up. In the afternoon the storm clouds build up, and sometime late in the afternoon or early evening, the storm arrives.

These pictures were taken yesterday. This one shows the retreating storm, moving off to the east.

Today there was another, even more severe weather system that went through. Calgary suffered a lot of wind and hail damage.
The Calgary Stampede, a world-renowed rodeo event with a midway is open this week. Around noon to 2 p.m. everyone cleared out in a hurry, when the sky blackened and the rain and hail came thundering down. Kind of spoils the party!

Here we are looking north last evening, where the sky is becoming light and peaceful.

Here's the south view, with the back end of
what had been a big, black cloud, now made rosy gold by the setting sun.

This morning was a perfect time to weed all the vegetable beds, since the ground was soaking, and Jim and I were able to pull the weeds out easily with the roots.

The garden is not producing well at all this year. Oh, actually, the peas look quite happy. The beans are doing o.k., but the corn is lagging. Hope it develops fully before the growing season is over. Strawberries are few and small, a total contrast with last year. We'll still hope for some good picking, as most of our strawberries are "day neutral" or, as they used to be known, "ever-bearing."

The sun is setting; the sky is peaceful. The night air is cool, and conducive to a good sleep.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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  1. These are fabulous shots of the sun setting! The colours are absolutely radiant! I love taking shots like this too, from the east coast to my farm yard! I took a picture of my cousin on the deck the other night with this western sunset and she was just thrilled!