Monday, May 31, 2010


This is our lovely sunset about 20 to 10 this evening. I darkened the foreground to catch the sun properly. It should show more orange, but the camera never sees what the eye sees, does it?

One thing I become aware of through living in the country with a pretty clear view of horizon almost 360ยบ is how far north the sun travels in the summer, and how far south in the winter. This is such a nice time of year with all this extended daylight. When we go to bed the sky is still light. I could go out and pull weeds in the garden. When we get up in the morning (5:20 a.m. today) it's light enough to do the same. Only too soon does the daylight reach its zenith and begin to decline.

The year is cyclical. Events and processes reoccur. If only life were like that! Saturday will be our 45th anniversary. Would I like to go back and do it all over again? You bet!

After the sunset, beauty lingers.

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