Saturday, December 5, 2009

Time to Trim

Hibiscus is now about 4 feet tall (including the pot) and covered with buds. One day recently it sported 10 blooms at one time. Of course, this is transient glory, as the blooms last only one day. But it's time to trim Hibiscus down to about 8". The Christmas tree will be coming in soon, and with the furniture rearranged to accommodate the tree, there just isn't room for Hibiscus. So today I started cutting it down. I take off about three limbs each day, as more would traumatize the plant. When it's trimmed all the way down, there won't be any leaves left. Then it will go for a rest in the solar space downstairs, until maybe a month from now when it will start putting out new branches. By March it should be blooming again. It's really too bad to do this because of all the buds coming up. Pretty much every branch has a bud at its tip, and several are close to opening.

Time to trim the Philodendron in the kitchen, too. Time to move it to the freezer space and put up the Christmas garlands above the cabinets.

Both of these plants have been with us for a long time already. They submit to this annual reduction, and come back ready to grow luxuriantly. All the greenery above the cabinets and hanging down comes from just one plant, and that in a small pot.

Yesterday morning I finished the second tree skirt, the one for Daughter #2. This turned out very well, with minimum mix-ups. The gold lame really makes it sparkle. The reds are actually deeper than the photo shows. I was going to bring it to the P.O. and send it off yesterday, but by 9:30 in the morning a terrific snow storm had begun.

It snowed hard for most of the morning, and although it hasn't snowed that much since then, we've had very heavy wind which whipped it all into 3' and 4' drifts. When we got up this morning we couldn't even read the
thermometer on the balcony, as it was snow covered. There are large drifts by this south window and by the west window.

Jim did manage to get out of the driveway and pick up a Globe and Mail (Toronto newspaper) which we like to read on Saturday. But he said it was a total mess in
town. We think the County and Town are waiting for the storm to end before they begin plowing out the roads. Ordinarily our road is cleared promptly, as it is a school bus route. Of course, there's no need for school buses today.

I'm supposed to go to a rehearsal at 2 p.m. and be there for a program at 7 p.m. tonight. I really don't see how that's a possibility today. The Community Christmas Concert was just one of several events scheduled for this weekend. Last night there were supposed to be a parade of lights, Christmas carolling, hot chocolate available on Main Street, and shopping until midnight. All of this was cancelled as it would be impossible during the storm. So I guess I'll be waiting and hoping for a phone call that cancels today's activities as well.

Nevertheless, we are very happy that we've started the winter with a good snowfall. We need lots and lots of snow as our level of soil moisture is far too low. So bring on the snow!!! Fortunately both Jim and I visited the library on Thursday, so we're prepared for a long weekend. We'll just stay home and have some hot chocolate by the fireplace.

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