Sunday, December 13, 2009

Some Seasonal Fun

The deer that were munching on the garden came back with several friends. As long as they are busy with the shrubs and perennials we don't mind being the deer buffet, but when they begin munching on the fruit trees, we go out and chase them away. The little dog Honey just sits observing them until Jim goes out to scare the deer. Then she jumps up and runs after them--until one turns around to confront her. Then it's a beeline back to the safety of Jim's company on the back step.

I got busy with the pruning shears this week, day by day "shrinking" the Hibiscus until this is all that was left. I'm leaving it by the south window for a few days, and when we bring in the Christmas tree tomorrow, will put it by the south window in the Solar Space, which is just above freezing this time of the year. I'll let it rest there for a month or so, and when the Christmas decorations are put away will bring it back up and begin fertilizing it again. In about three or four months it should be ready to bloom again. This time I plan to take it out of the dirt, rinse the roots and put it in fresh soil. That may help cut down on the infestations of aphids and white flies that afflict this plant.

One of the fun events this past week was the Christmas party for the town quilt club. Only ten women were there on Tuesday evening, since it was so cold and the country roads were iffy. But we had a good time playing silly games and laughing, and finally exchanging our small Christmas gifts. I brought a 16 month quilt calendar, complete with 11 full size patterns. I took home a small ornament of Joseph with Mary and baby Jesus. I had been looking for a nice figurine along that line, but most were a little too "cutesy" for my taste. The one I received is lovely, and small enough not to dominate the living room.

Then on Thursday we had our last meeting of the year for the country quilt club, and I did a quick little experiment of a kaleidoscope quilt that I learned from Elaine Adair's blog. I grabbed some leftovers that were full width of material. Cut them in strips of 1" to 2 1/2", and sewed the strips together. Cut the strips into alternating triangles, and worked out a setting for the five full blocks that resulted. I'm not unhappy with this. It will probably be a medium sized table topper. I could have combined it with some background blocks and made a lap quilt, but this was a much more dramatic setting. It's not all sewed together yet, but when it is I'll bind it with the dark red to finish it off.

Then on Friday Jim and I went to the matinee at Rosebud. There's a buffet meal, some time to look at the art galleries and gift shops,
and then a wonderful presentation in the opera house. I always stop at the "Rosehip," a little gift shop that carries homemade soaps. My absolute favorite is "Prairie Sage" which combines sage, cedarwood and bergamot essential oils. It's a marvellous face soap that I just love. I usually buy three bars (they're not big) but there was only one. So I'm trying out a goat milk moisture bar and one called "Coulee Ceilidh" which combines orange, cinnamon, clove and ginger essential oils with oatmeal for a gentle scrub.

I also found the gorgeous plate there, which I just had to take home with me.

"A Child's Christmas in Wales" is the current production at Rosebud, and, like all their offerings, is wonderfully done, a real delight, this one with lots of good humour. We totally enjoyed it.

Then on Saturday we went to Red Deer. We each had an eye exam, and were happy that our prescriptions have not changed. We're good for another year.

We followed that up with some shopping. Jim got a pump to empty the septic tank, and I found some pink yarn plus some pink "fun fur" yarn to make another "waistcoat" for the youngest granddaughter. The other two waistcoats are for Dear Son #2's girls. I'll post pictures when those projects are finished.

We topped off a relaxing week with a concert at Red Deer College featuring a choir and a symphonic wind ensemble--lots a good music. And then a quiet night at a Red Deer Motel 6. What a lovely weekend!

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