Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Progress Report and book recommendation

I found time today to do some more sewing on the log cabin squares, and now there are 24 finished 5-3/8" squares.  This makes the top half of the quilt, according to the pattern.  I have enough strips to make more blocks than are called for.  When the 48 are finished, I'll tally up what's left and see if I can add another row all around the quilt.

I'll need to account for the extra strips for a longer border.  This is the border as pictured in the book:

I'm really enjoying this pattern.  It goes together well, without problems.  I square each block when I set another strip on, so they are very accurate.  And I still really like the colors.

Here's a book recommendation for you: Strong Women, Strong Hearts by Miriam Nelson, Ph.D. and Alice Lichtenstein, D.Sc.  This is part of a series by Dr. Nelson all related to women's health.  I read the first book in the series in the 90's, and went out and bought ankle weights and dumbbells for exercising at home.  She gives excellent advice relating to women's health, and includes exercise routines to give you strength, fitness and improved balance, all issues for older women.  She has a website:  

If you are interested in keeping yourself as healthy and youthful as possible, this is a book series that will help you achieve that.

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