Monday, June 1, 2009

Blossom Time

Well, last Thursday I said spring had sprung, but on Friday summer arrived!  The high temperature for the day was +28C (84F).  Strangers on the street greet each other joyfully with gleeful comments about the weather.  When you live in a cold climate, the coming of warm weather is a cause for celebration, especially when it comes late, as it did this year.  The Schubert Chokecherry trees that line Main Street are bursting with blooms, strewing pollen so liberally that it's a hazard to your breathing.  All around our yard the shrubs and trees are dazzling with blossoms.  This is the first year our pear tree is in bloom.  I do wonder if we will get any pears!

These two beauties are 1) a Double Flowering Plum (a shrub) and


2) a Russian Almond, also a shrub. 

The asparagus patch is finally swinging into high gear.  I picked
 this sinkful on Friday. Enough for each of us
 to have 20+ stalks for dinner, and enough remaining to freeze 92 stalks for enjoyment throughout next winter.  Last summer I put away a total of 456 stalks for our winter eating.  I was a little too stingy with them, though, because we still have a full bag left.  

I freeze all our veggies on cookie trays, and store them loosely in gallon bags.  That way we can use only as much as we need at a time.  Especially handy when you make soup often.


When we picked up our "plugs" (trays of very small plants) at HighQ Greenhouse, we bought several of their "samplers".  Although I wrote out labels, we somehow lost the identification of this lovely plant.  We had just three of them (because they were samplers), and used them in the center of three pots.  Everyone remarks on how lovely they are, but no one has been able to tell us their name.  Do any of you know what this plant is?  We'd like to buy more of them for next year, as they are a real hit.

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