Saturday, February 20, 2016


I'm making a pair of socks for my friend, Marcy in AZ.  By our last week there the first sock of the pair was finished and I asked Marcy to come try it on.  The foot part fit very well, but I noticed the leg part was a little short and a little tight.  I "unknit" the sock to the ankle and reknit it with needles one size larger.  I also added four stitches to the round, in the purl section between the cables.

Yesterday I finished the sock again, this time with a picot edge rather than a ribbed cuff.  The picot edge didn't look right; it needed about five rows of stockinette before the picot row.  So I "unknit" that part.  Then thought to try the sock on.  It was really too big around the leg.  I doubt that Marcy's legs are any bigger around than mine, so the sock needed to be "unknit" right down to the increase row.

A cable pattern could be a little difficult to pick up from a ravelled section, so I found the row I wanted to "unknit" to and picked up all the stitches with the smallest size dpns that I have.  They're a U.S. size 0, a metric size 2.00 mm.

After that it was easy to go from there.  This is the third time through this section of this sock!

Another thing I realized from trying on the sock was that I wanted to knit one more repeat of the cable before finishing and binding off.  I'll post a picture when this pair is completed.

Those stripped socks that I was working on?  They were finished the day before we left, as they were a present for my sister.  I just didn't find time to take a picture of them.

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