Saturday, December 26, 2015


The second summer we were married we served a congregation in the Rainy River district of western Ontario as summer student pulpit supply.  Part of the service was going around to visit people in their homes and that often proved quite interesting.

One morning it was really quite chilly when we arrived for coffee and a visit.  Jim remarked to the "senior citizen" whom we were visiting that morning on how chilly it was for a summer morning.  The old fellow replied "Killy?  Killy?  That's plain COLD!" It amused us so much that it became one of our family sayings.

Well, that saying applies here for the last few weeks.  Today it won't even make it up to 60º.  Now, I know I can't really complain about that, but given the inversion of the usual temperature patterns which is currently bringing unseasonably warm weather to the center of the U.S. and unseasonably cold weather to the southwest, maybe there is a small cause for complaint.  I've been in the pool just twice this past week.  Monday it was just lovely, with sunshine, calm weather (temp about 61º), and the pool heated to 88º.  Wednesday it was not as comfortable.

Too bad, eh?  But we come here for the warm winter weather, and we're just not getting it.

I'm glad there is so much music going on in my life lately.  Orchestra gave a concert at an elementary school last week Friday.  The kids were just great!  It was a treat to see 600 young children sitting quietly listening and enthusiastically applauding what the orchestra had for them.  The first number was "O Tannenbaum," played in separate sections to illustrate the different instruments in the orchestra, and then to demonstrate the combined sound.  We also played some favourites, including "Sleigh Ride," "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and a few medleys of well known seasonal songs and Christmas songs.  The kids enjoyed the music and we enjoyed the kids.

Choir at church has been very busy.  Our last contribution was to the 5 p.m. Christmas Eve service.  Now we have off until the first Sunday in January.

I've been playing violin at church a bit, too.  On Christmas Eve I played a descant with the choir piece and the Sunday before that I played "Ave Maria" as accompaniment to communion.  I'm glad for these opportunities also!

We celebrated the Dear One's 78th birthday last week Wednesday with a small surprise birthday party.  Just my sister and her husband and one other couple from the village, friends of ours.  It was a good time.  My sister took a few pictures and here's one that turned out fairly well.
He takes after his mother in retaining his dark hair.  Her hair was still mostly all brown when she died at 86 years of age.  He also keeps himself nice and trim, partly because that's not hard for him, and partly because he's conscious of keeping himself healthy.  You'll notice that he doesn't have a plate of goodies, but I do--not too much on it though.

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas with a very fine church service at 10 in the morning and a lovely dinner at Sis's, along with the other couple from the birthday party.  What a nice time we had!

So I give you all belated Christmas wishes.  It always seems that Christmas comes up so quickly and then is over again for another year, all the lovely music, the carols, the decorations, the special church services.  I love it all.  "God bless us one and all!"

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