Thursday, September 25, 2014

Quilting Fun

In stark contrast to last week when I did no sewing, this week so far has been practically nothing but sewing!  What a blast!

On Monday my friend Susan, who often gives me odds 'n ends of fabric, lots really, asked if I would be willing to make a small quilt for her from some little boy printed flannels.  Of course, I'd be delighted.  She brought over seven different materials.

I thought at first that a sized-down "Turning Twenty" would look good.  But as soon as I had made it, I decided it was a "no go."  The orange and yellow are too dominant!

That was Tuesday morning.  I needed a different idea.  But I had another obligation: I was teaching "Delectable Mountains" at our local quilt club from 1 p.m. to about 8 p.m. on Tuesday, so I had to set aside Susan's quilt.

Wednesday morning I was back at it.  I had actually cut out four of the above quilts.  They would be small lap quilts, finishing at about 36" x 36".
So I rethought the project and came up
a different idea.  This was more like it!  By Wednesday noon I had this top put together.  I took both over to her house, and she agreed that the second idea is totally the way to go.

In the afternoon my friend S. and I sorted material, so there was no sewing done that afternoon.

This morning I finished sorting and "filing" material.  Everything was organized again, and I had time to sew.  I made the "sandwich" and did the machine quilting, using stitch in the ditch, which went very fast and looks good.

Then I did the binding, a 2 5/8" bias strip which I sewed first to the back and then turned over the folded edge and edge stitched it to the front.  I should have cut the binding a little wider as it had to be pulled over pretty tight, but it's good.  It's very rare for me to finish a quilt with a light coloured binding.  I usually feel that they need a "frame" much like a picture does.  But somehow this quilt called for the yellow for a binding.  I really like the way it finishes it.

Here's a close up of that cute print:

The final quilt did not use all the fabrics.  The orange and one of the lighter diamond prints were left out.  They can always go into another quilt, right?

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