Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Top is Complete!

The lap quilt top that I cut out this past Wednesday evening is finished.  I think that's a record!  It's not a big quilt, just 43" x 55," but that's quite large for a lap quilt.  It was intended as my contribution to our quilt guild's supply of lap quilts for the local long term care facility.

But I'm so delighted with it that I'd really prefer to keep it.  It would be nice in the second bedroom (tv/computer/sewing room) in our condo.  That would be so nice, and as long as I make another quilt to donate to the long term care, I'm in the clear with this.

I like it so much because of the cheerful colours.  Everything on the top except the narrow blue borders came directly out of my stash.  I don't think I could find another 48 6 1/2" beige squares in the stash.  The bindings will be the same bright blue.

That bright blue was actually bought for binding on the Delectable Mountains quilt (posts to come on that project), but I decided that with the cheddar yellow border a blue binding would be a little too outré.

This week I need to buy some backing to put this project together.

Then I can start cutting out squares for a replacement donor quilt!

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