Thursday, November 7, 2013

Just a small repair

This morning on the way home from my walk with my sister I stopped at the condo office to ask about a problem we're having with the outside faucet.  I wanted to wash some windows and the patio tiles, but the faucet has an extra "ring" around it that has all holes in the perimeter.  When you hook up a hose and turn on the faucet, the water all gushes out of the holes, and none gets into the hose.  It means you can't use the hose for washing off the screens or the patio floor.

The maintenance man, Sam, was there when I stopped by and promised to take care of it right away.  And, true to his word, he arrived within 15 minutes with a new faucet, turned off the water supply to our unit and replaced the old faucet.  Done in no time!  I thanked him, very much!

So instead of going shopping for a pair of bluejeans, I took off the screens, washed the windows inside and out, hosed off the screens, washed them both sides with a soapy rag and hosed them off again.

Then I took the furniture from the patio to the front walk and hosed off the patio a few times, as it was quite dirty, mainly from dust blowing in while it was not occupied.

Here we are all cleaned up and bright.  A small repair made the clean up easy!

Yesterday we spent time at the regional library which has a good supply of magazines and some newspapers.  Today we went to relax by the pool in the afternoon.  I find it so pleasant to swim leisurely back and forth (good exercise for the arms) when the sun is shining.  The pool is kept at 82ºF, so very pleasant but not too warm!

One of these days I'll remember to take the camera along and you can see how inviting the pool looks in the afternoon.

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