Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Fabric

On Monday my friend S. and I went to Country Creations south of Strathmore to look for material for a queen sized quilt for her bedroom.  We had a simple pattern of a shadow box alternated with a 9 patch.  The pattern showed a quilt with florals in blues and greens, and a white plain square in the centre of the shadow box.

Florals are not in great supply right now, especially blue florals, but there are tons of gorgeous batiks.  We found several batiks that we really loved and that rhymed well colour-wise with the curtains she already has in the bedroom.

The three fabrics on the left are for the shadow block, the next three fabrics are for the 9 patch, the beige the centre, the lighter blue the middle sides, and the dark blue the corner squares.  The rusty coloured fabric on the right will be the binding.

She also bought some good Hobbs batting and a 108" backing of Stonehenge.  I bought the same for the batik quilt that I showed in progress in my last post.

Just behind the fabrics for S's quilt you can see the two borders that I sewed onto the "fruit" lap quilt, also illustrated in my last post.

On Tuesday I was teaching machine quilting at our town quilt club and figured I wouldn't get any sewing done, so I took S's fabric along to begin cutting, hoping to make at least one shadow block and one 9 patch.  I didn't have much time because I took two hours out of the afternoon to go teach some violin lessons.

Everything went very well, and I did get one shadow block finished and 3 of the 6 strips sewn for the 9 patch.  I'll post the progress as we go.

So, somehow, because all of this is so inviting to me, I am in the middle of three projects at once.  The lap quilt is almost ready to be quilted, just have to baste the three layers.  That won't take long.  I want to make a few of the shadow blocks and 9 patches so we can see how the quilt will turn out.  But then I have to finish up my batik queen sized top, so that it doesn't lie on the floor downstairs and turn into a "rug"!

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