Saturday, October 20, 2012

Catching Up....

One week ago today we left Kanab, Utah at 9 in the morning for the last leg of our trip to Phoenix.  We had told my sister that we would arrive on Sunday in the afternoon.  Now it appeared that we were way ahead of schedule.  We emailed her from Kanab, and that worked out fine.

From Kanab we drove south on 89A, the scenic route which went through some beautiful scenery.  It was a high mountain road, and took us through a wonderful Ponderosa Pine forest.  Later I learned from Sis that this is the largest stand of Ponderosa Pine left in the U.S.  Beautiful!

South of there we caught Interstate 17 south from Flagstaff.  That was an interesting drive, descending by thousands of feet.  There were markers beside the road, telling you the rate of descent toward lower elevations.

There was lots of lovely scenery, including these red cliffs along the way.

We hurried a bit because they were scheduled to go to a work bee at their church at 3 p.m.  We figured we'd get there just before they left.   But we had a surprise when we registered at the gate of their community: it was only 1:49 p.m.  We had forgotten that Arizona does not go onto Daylight Savings Time, so we had just gained an hour.

We had a nice little visit with them before they went off to work.  Then we settled into their guest house, and started on our list of what had to be accomplished.  First off: we visited the small condo we recently bought in their gated village.  I was very pleased by what we saw, though I had seen lots of photos on the net earlier.  The furniture was of high quality.  I tried out the bed, and found it had a very good spring and mattress.  The sectional couch is nice and firm.  Everything is in fine shape.  We are very pleased with our purchase.

The next few days we worked hard on arrangements: cleaning the mouldy fridge (that had been left closed when the power was turned off), getting the electricity turned on, making arrangements for the real estate agent to find a renter for this winter.

All too soon our time was up.  The last evening I gave dear Sis a perm, and that turned out very well.

Thursday morning we left and headed for Las Vegas where we planned to see our #2 son who was speaking at a huge conference there.  Thanks to Google Maps we had no trouble finding the Palazzo, the hotel where he was staying.  This is an enormous fabulous hotel.  Here's the front desk and the fountain in the lobby.

More catching up tomorrow, hopefully!

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