Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mouse Tales, the Sequel

HE DID IT AGAIN!  Not once, but TWICE!!!  It's beyond belief that one mouse, seemingly quite smart, can be caught three times or that one cat, seemingly quit smart, can catch that mouse three times and let it go three times.  But that is what happened.

When I came home from my morning walk Dickens was heading for the back step with a mouse in his mouth.  He put the mouse down and it quickly tried to hide between two pairs of Jim's shoes left out on the step.  Dickens wanted to come inside and have some breakfast, so he turned his back on the mouse, who promptly ran off.  I called Dickens's attention to him, and he also ran out onto the gravel driveway.  After a few feints back and forth the mouse escaped to safety under a rose bush.  I gave up in disgust and went into the house.

Later I needed to ask Jim a question.  When I went out the back door, there was Dickens again, with what I'll swear is the same mouse!  The pattern is becoming wearying.  

Now Dickens is downstairs having his morning siesta and the mouse is ----  somewhere out there, waiting for the next game of "Cat and Mouse."

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  1. It's the Tom and Jerry show!!