Saturday, August 11, 2012

Finally Finished

Finally finished my first project for this summer!  Yeah, I know, I should be able to say, the fifth project, or something like that, but that's not how this summer is panning out.

This is the front door, and I had it off the hinges for a week, scraping, priming and painting.  That was a week ago.  This week I painted the frame around the door.

When we bought our place, this was an outdoor area, and the ceiling was the underside of a second floor balcony.  We had our carpenter frame it in and install windows, continuously, all the way around.  This door used to give access to the balcony upstairs.  It was replaced with a three part window, eliminating one area where the rain was able to soak into the living room.

The house was built in 1979 so this door was, by now, a very dingy looking door.  This afternoon I put on the final touches by staining the wood parts of the door sill.

It feels so good to say "Finished!" to one project!

Here's the view from outside.  What an improvement!

Next up: finish painting the inside of the garage, and refinish the "people" door to the garage.  The house had no attached garage when we bought it.  There was a single car garage down where the garden centre is now.  We dug a foundation in under the walls of that building, which had been simply sitting on the ground.  Then we double insulated it, filled in the wall where the window and the garage door had been and installed an entry door.  That old garage is now our cold storage building.  We store shrubs and perennials in there over winter.  Because of the double walls, it remains above freezing throughout the winter.  It's where we store our potatoes, onions and carrots over winter also.

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