Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tonight's Menu

Tonight's Menu:
Seafood salad with young beets;
Corn on the Cob;
Homemade Apple Wine

As far as salads and soups go, I think you can combine just about any ingredients.

Jim had some small, young container-grown beets that I wanted to use for our main meal today.  He picked about eight of them, which I boiled, cooled, peeled and cut into bite sized pieces.  I gathered about 12 fresh lettuce leaves from the garden, washed and spun them and ripped them into bite sized pieces.

From the freezer I took out some crab flakes and some shrimp, also some pine nuts and some cooked quinoa.  I had picked fresh peas today, shelled and blanched them.  About a half cup went into the salad, along with all those other ingredients.

I made a fresh dressing from some olive oil, a crushed garlic clove and a bit of lime juice, which I sprinkled over the salad, some before tossing it and some after.

Just before we were ready to eat Jim picked four firm, filled out ears of corn and husked them.  I tossed them into a pot of boiling water, enough so that they floated.  After the water returned to a good boil, I timed them one minute, and then removed them from the heat.  We dressed them with some butter, salt and pepper.

This "Just Exactly Right" meal for a beautiful, warm Sunday afternoon was served with a small glass of chilled, homemade apple wine.

What a treat that all was!

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