Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sewing Together

Dear Daughter #2 and family are here for a few days.  Dear Son-in-Law has been exceedingly helpful with the new computer.  He doesn't usually work on a Mac, but knows how to find things.  Several "blips" have been straightened out already.  My Rosetta Stone (Spanish) is back.  We've found my iTunes that disappeared, but still have to restore them.  I'm even hopeful that we can find the missing Address Book; that would be wonderful!!!

On Sunday afternoon we the rest of the gang was doing their own thing, Dear Granddaughter was at loose ends.  Well, Grammy knows something fun to do!  Would you like to learn how to sew something?  Of course!  She was an excellent student.

First she chose fabric for a "Polly Pocket" quilt, a doable small project that could be completed in an afternoon.  We decided to do it in a 9 patch format.  I did the rotary cutting, as that is quite dangerous.

My Janome Horizon has a very good speed control, and can be set to sew very slowly so that was where we started.  Stitch--stitch--stitch.  Not scary at all!

We soon had the 9 patch made.  Then it was time for the 3 layer "sandwich" and the machine quilting.  I gave her a sample to practice "meander" quilting on.  We both soon realized that this step was beyond her ability.  After all, this was the first time that she ran a sewing machine!  So we agreed that I would do that step for her.

She stitched together a binding and we applied it.  I turned the corners and she did the rest.

Finally she stitched the binding down by hand on the back.

Here's the final square or "little doll quilt."  We are both delighted and proud of this finished project.  I am hoping that she caught the "sewing bug" as her mom is a good, adventuresome seamstress, willing to tackle simple party dresses, Halloween costumes, even conical hats without a pattern.

It's a great delight to me to have these "kids" and grandkids around for a few days, since they live quite far away and we see each other once or twice a year.

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  1. She really reminds me of her Mom in this picture. Nice.