Sunday, December 25, 2011

Back from B.C.

B.C., as in British Columbia, where Dear Son #2 and his family live.  We flew into Abbotsford on the 16th, also, coincidentally the 74th birthday of the Dear One, to spend some time with DS #2, DDIL and two Dear Granddaughters.  It was a lovely, relaxing visit, and we actually did have one sunny day there.

DDIL and I like to knit together, and spent a lot of time finishing two of her projects that had gotten stuck for one reason or another.  I taught her how to knit a few years ago, and she does very well, but because of lack of experience sometimes gets stuck when a problem arises.

The one project stalled because it was too tight, especially under the arms.  We fixed that by knitting a gusset into the underarm/side seam.  The other project had a finished skirt for the younger granddaughter, but the sweater/top was about 1/3 bigger than it should have been.  The only cure for that was to "unknit" the entire top and reknit it at a smaller size.  She had some bad advice from the person who sold her the pattern and yarn, as the yarn and needles obviously gave a bigger gauge than the gauge the pattern called for.  But she was game to reknit.  I give her lots of credit for that!

There was one other project, a very interesting shrug-like top for herself that only needed to be picked apart at the seams and resewed with a much looser seam treatment to be useable.  We both worked on these projects, and it was very satisfying.

Abbotsford is a lovely small airport.  With the new Golden Ears bridge this airport is just a forty minute drive from their home.  What a difference compared to driving all the way from here--dealing with the snowy mountain passes, possible delays for avalanche control, and even more scary, possibly dangerous road conditions.

We returned this past Wednesday, but I took a horrendous cold home with me and have been totally out of it until today.  I'm thankful to feel human again!  The sun is shining, the house is put back in order and I'm planning to make a succulent chicken breast with stuffing, cranberry sauce, oven-fried sweet potato and green bean casserole for our Christmas dinner.

We come to the end of this year full of thankfulness for our continued good health, the blessings of children and grandchildren, the love of friends and relatives, and most of all the love of God expressed in his gift of his Son, our Saviour.

May the blessings of the Christmas abound in your life also!

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