Friday, September 23, 2011

Farmers Work Hard!

This time of the year farmers work very hard, very long hours, with very large, quite dangerous equipment.  You can say a prayer for the safety of all those farmer taking in the harvest.

Do you remember the field with the swaths of canola?  It was time to harvest it on Wednesday evening.  About 9 p.m. three combines started making the rounds.  It was already dark, but dark doesn't stop farmers this time of the year. They worked until about 11:45 and then called it a day. Work started again about noon on Thursday, and by 3:30 p.m. the field was finished.

When one field is harvested, they move the machinery to the next field that's ready to harvest and keep right on going.  Their only break is a half hour for a hot meal around 6 p.m., a meal that is brought out to the field by the women.  I hope to show that whole process sometime this fall, but if not this fall, then maybe next year.

The next morning the sun rose shining on the underside of some fairly solid clouds.  They probably had a lot of dust in them from the field work going on.  It gave an unusually beautiful, rosy light to the early morning.

I have a video, but it never finished uploading, so I'll give this still shot instead.  It doesn't quite capture the extent of the rosy light which bathed the entire landscape, but it gives you a little idea.  What a beautiful world!

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