Monday, May 23, 2011

Tangles, tangles, tangles!!!

It just beats me how so many tangles are possible in a hank of yarn. Usually you can simply wind a ball from a loose skein of yarn. Not these skeins! Each needs to be gently picked apart, and the growing ball of yarn needs to be repeatedly eased through the tangled loops. I just don't know how it's possible for a skein to be so thoroughly tangled!

But, since my middle name is Patience (not really, it's Kathleen because I was born on St. Patrick's day) I have been gently teasing apart the tangles and winding this green yarn into balls. I've realized that it's some kind of acrylic yarn, since the strands cannot be pulled apart lengthwise. Wool would give way if you separated out a single ply and pulled on it.

Since that's the case, I've decided not to dye it because KoolAid wouldn't do the job. I kind of like the spring-like green and think it would be a good colour for a child's sweater. There's lots of it, but I decided it needed some other Crayola colours along with the green.

I shopped locally in our small town, but there was nothing in the colours I had in mind. So on the weekend when I was in Red Deer I found some bright purple, some medium bright orange, and a real lemon.

I'm planning to make matching sweaters for our two youngest granddaughters, ages 8 1/2 and 7 next August. They will likely be here for a day or two together this summer.

Today I got out my LK150 knitting machine, and whipped out the body of this cheery cardigan. The purple is a much better purple than shows on this picture.

I need to knit the plackets and the ribbing around the neck, sew in the sleeves and all the loose ends from colour changes. The sleeves match the stripes in colour better than shows on this picture. It was the light coming from the side that bleached the colour out of the sleeve on the left.

All together, I'm pretty pleased with the way it's turning out. They will be kind of nice, sassy sweaters for two young cousins.


  1. This is a GORGEOUS sweater - the two little girls will just be raving about them! They are lucky little girls to have a gma who is as talented as you!

  2. Thanks! But it's not talent--it's just hard work and stick-to-it-ivness! Or maybe some kind of crazy!